Armory and Lineages of Canada

The purpose of this work is to give a short sketch of the lineage of prominent persons in Canada in 1915, with notes of anything of interest or importance regarding any ancestor, and especially to record, briefly but permanently, the achievements of those who, having served their country with distinction, have passed away, but whose names should not be dropped or their deeds forgotten, as is necessarily the case in reference works the scope of which is limited to the living.

It was intended at first to confine the work to families of early settlers; but it cannot be overlooked that Canada, though old in tradition, is yet, in its broad expanse, but a new country, whose citizenship is constantly being augmented by new comers from the older stock of the mother lands. The scope of the work, therefore, will include those who, however recent, are intentionally residents in Canada.

The work will portray the armorials of such of the families herein embraced as have coat-armour and are accustomed to use it, for the recognition and preservation of those cognizance's borne by our forefathers tend to enhance the interest and value of family history.

The Heraldic Addenda contain the arms of notables connected with the events in Acadia, New France, and the two Canadas.

The Provincial Armorials are in accordance with the designs and official descriptions furnished through the kindness of the several Secretaries of the Provinces.

It will be noticed that the shield armorials of the Dominion seem complicated (although composed only of the arms of the first four provinces to enter Confederation), yet are quite bare of those component parts which go to a complete achievement; i.e., crest, supporters, and motto. It is to be hoped that a shield will soon be adopted simpler to the eye, yet more comprehensively representative and having its proper complements.

List of Genealogies

Aylesworth, Hon. Sir Allen B., K. C. M. G.
Baker of Montreal
Brymner of Montreal
Buchanan of Montreal
Cassels of Ottawa
Chadwick of Toronto
Cockshutt of Brantford
Connaught and of Strathearn, H. R. H., Duke of
Durnford of Devonshire
Fleming, Sir Sandford, K. C. M. G.
Gibson ( see Cassels )
Grant, Sir James A., K. C. M. G.
Hamilton, Archbishop
Hamilton of Hamwood, Quebec
Henderson of Montreal
Heriot of Montreal
Hopkins of Toronto ( see Rutherfurd )
Innes (see Hopkins)
Irving, Sir Emilius, Kt.
Irwin of Ottawa
Jarvis of Toronto
Kaina of London (Ont.)
Kerr of Toronto
Kirkpatrick, Sir George Airey, K. C. M. G.
Leckie of Vancouver
Lewis, Travers, of Ottawa
Lighthall, Schuyler, of Montreal
Lisgar, Baron
Matheson, Archbishop
Monck, Viscount
Montizambert of Quebec
Neilson of Neilsonville, Quebec
Otter, Major General Sir William Dillon, K. C. B., C V. O.
Paxton (see Henderson)
Pellatt. Sir Henry M., C. V. O.
Powell (see Jarvis)
Riddell of Toronto
Rutherfurd of that Ilk (see also Hopkins)
Smith, Pemberton of Montreal
Sparks of Ottawa
St. John of Orillia
Strathcona and Mount Royal, Baron
Todd of Ottawa
Vaux of Brockvllte
Woodruff of St. Catharines

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Source: Todd, Herbert George. Armory and lineages of Canada, comprising the lineage of prominent and pioneer Canadians with descriptions and illustrations of their coat of armor, orders of knighthood, or other official insignia. Published 1915, New York.