New Mexico - Her Natural Resources and Attractions 

New Mexico, her natural resources and attractions: being a collection of facts, mainly concerning her geography, climate, population, schools, mines and minerals, agricultural and pastoral capacities, prospective railroads, public lands, and Spanish and Mexican land grants.

Minimal in genealogical value, this resource can provide the researcher a better understanding of why their ancestor may have taken advantage of the many land grants issued by the Mexican and Spanish officials inside the state of New Mexico. During the 1800's, manuscripts such as this one was written to encourage settlement in a specific area in the country. In this case, the author is show casing New Mexico and its vast lands as a possible settlement areas for your ancestors. Meanwhile, your ancestors have little to go on, except the trust in this book, and that it tells the truth about the land. Unfortunately, since most of these manuscripts were written to showcase a region of the country, they would often show the state in a light more favorable for settlement then it actually may have had at the time. If your ancestor settled in New Mexico early in her statehood then this manuscript may also detail for you the conditions with which your ancestor found themselves upon settlement.

Table of Contents

  1. Extent, Population, etc.
  2. Climate and Health
  3. Mountains, Streams, etc.
  4. Agriculture
  5. Stock Raising
  6. Metals and Mining, Hot Springs, etc.
  7. Manufacturing Facilities
  8. Education
  9. Railroads
  10. Public Lands
  11. Private Land Claims
  12. Irrigation
  13. Indians in the Territory
  14. The Mesilla Valley

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As mentioned in the book description above, this type of manuscript was published for the sole fact of increasing the amount of immigration to it. Here's a few of the yarns, that the books author decries in the manuscript:

"Hundreds, yes thousands of fortune seekers are to-day winding their way there, by the different routes leading to this new paradise and mass of wealth, from the eastern states."

"We repeat, no Territory or State offers such inducements as New Mexico; for the investment the safe and profitable investment of capital, though its amount be millions of dollars, chiefly in landed estates."