History of Franklin County, Pennsylvania

In submitting the History of Franklin County to the public, it may not be improper to state, briefly, a few of the characteristics of the work:

I. The special prominence given to the pioneer times of the county - Hence a record of the persons, organizations, and events of the days anterior to 1820 has been given as fully as available data would warrant.

II. The fullness with which the various religious, educationally and society organizations have been presented, due allowance being made, of course, for the destructions or absence of proper records.

III. The completeness of the official and postal records, the latter having been obtained direct from the proper department at Washington.

IV. The importance attached to the various military organizations and their movements, in all the wars in which the people of the county have participated.

V. The biographical sketches of many of the most prominent personages, living and dead, which make the book valuable for reference purposes to all classes.

VI. The classification of material under appropriate heads, which facilitates the easy finding of any desired information.


Table of Contents

History of Pennsylvania

History of Franklin County

Biographical Sketches


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The Scotch-Irish were a numerous but honorable class who migrated to Pennsylvania and other Eastern States at an early day. The origin of the term is traceable to events that occurred early in the seventeenth century. James I, of England [reign 1603-25], was very desirous of improving the civilization of Ireland. The Irish Earls of Tyrone and Tyrconell having conspired against the English Government, and been compelled to flee the country, their estates, consisting of about 500, 000 acres, were confiscated. These estates the king divided into small tracts, and induced many Protestant people from his own country (Scotland) to locate upon them on condition that possession should be taken within four years.