Utah Genealogy

Utah Territorial Case Files - $
This dataset contains images of records created by the U.S. territorial courts in Utah between 1870 and 1896. This series includes case files involving mainly polygamy, but also, robbing the malls, illegal voting, violations of liquor and tobacco tariff laws, possession of counterfeit coins, and embezzlement. Other subjects include unlawful cohabitation, violations of postal laws, defrauding the federal government of tax revenue, and, infrequently, counterfeiting. - Added 4 Nov. 2007

Utah, The Inland Empire - Free
This manuscript is Sargent, Arthur T. Utah, the inland empire: the story of the pioneers: resources and industries of the state: attractions of Salt Lake City: leading men of the community. Published 1902, Salt Lake City, Utah: Deseret News. It provides the reader a look into the early settlement of Utah, providing ample biographies of early leaders and business men. - Added 10 Oct 2007

Latter-Day Saint Biographical Encyclopedia - Free
These four volumes comprise more than three thousand biographies of the early leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, many accompanied by photographs. Sketches of many women are included. - Added 28 Sep 2007