Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont


Table of Contents.

Academy, 20' and 188
Alexander, John 19
Anti-Slavery 44
Arms, Willard 61
Asylum, Vt. 150
Attorneys 48
Banks 48 and 185
Blake, John W. 20
Blake, John R. 81
Blake, George B 156
Bradley, J. D. 185
Brown, Addison 145
Brown, Colonel A. 160
Bull, Albert H 188
Burnham, John 128
Cemeteries 59
Chapin, Oliver 54
Chapin, Charles 184
Cheney, S. T. R 189
Church, Alonzo 70
Church, First 22
Church, First at East Village 26
Church, Unitarian 28
Church, Baptist 30
Church, Methodist 82
Church, Episcopal 82 and 177
Church, Catholic 33
Church, Universalist 178
Clark, Ezra 110
Clark, Samuel 128
Collegiates 58
Crosby, Edward 128
Curious Fiddle 190
Dickerman, Lem'l 60
Eccentric Persons 107
Educational Institutions 44
Elliot, James 78
Elliot, Samuel 79
Eetey, Jacob 142
Fessenden Brothers 109
Field, Charles K. 186
Fire and Water 37
Fossil Elephant J91
Foster, Samuel G. 41
Frost, Charles C. 112
Gilbert, Daniel 68
Goodhue, Francis 119
Gore, John 42
Greenleaf, Stephen 57 and 66
Grout Family 162
Hall, George H. and Gardner C. 61
Hall, George C. 181
Hayes Family 67
Hines, Arnold J. 184
Historical Nuggets 190
Holbrook, John 84
Holbrook, Frederick 124
Holbrook, John C. 159
Hotels 172
Hunt, Jonathan 20
Hunt, William M. 189
Indian Relies 22
Johnson, Eliphas 117 and 109
Kellogg, Daniel 164
Keyes, Asa 185
Kirkland, Edward 181
Knapp, Leonard 191
Knight, Samuel 20
Ladd, George 190
Longevity 58
Lottery Office 86
Masonic Lodge 42
Mcad, L. G. 20 and 151
Military 44
Mineralogy and Geology 21
Newman, George 180
Newspapers 180
Noyes, John 88
Odd Fellows 43 and 185
Physicians 48 and 60
Postoffice 80
Public Schools 89
Reeve, Rev. Abner 24
Representatives 57
Rockwell, William H. 146
Root, Samuel 128
Seymour, Epaphro 121
Steam Navigation 89
Stearns, Samuel 66
Steen, Joseph 75
Stockwell, Mrs. Sally 190
Thompson, Lemuel 51
Town Clerks 57
Tyler Family 88
Vt. Historical Society in Brattleboro 185
Warren, B. A. 42
Wells, Dr. Henry 64
Wells, Samuel 64
Wells, Rev. William 25 and 71
Whitney, Lemuel 68
Whitney, Richard 77
Wilson, John 68
Windham Provident Institution 48


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The town derives its name from William Brattle, from Massachusetts one of the grantees of the town and his name is the first one upon the list. Being loyal to King George, he fled to Nova Scotia at the commencement of the Revolutionary War. It is said he died there before the close of the war, and, after the "Jay treaty," his heirs made efforts to recover his confiscated property in this country. How much land he owned in this town, we are not informed; but his claim covered some of the best land in the town of Putney, which is ten miles north of Brattleboro. It has long been quite universally believed that the first civilized establishment in Vermont was at Fort Dummer, which was erected in the Southeast comer of the town of Brattleboro in 1724. Hon. David Reed, in his account of Colchester, ably maintains and claims this honor for Isle LaMotte. in the county of Grand Isle. [See Isle LaMotte, this work. Vol. II. Ed.] Though it is evident that the several histories of the State have been led into the error of claiming too much for this town, it is equally evident, we believe, that the first English or Anglo-Saxon settlement, in this State, was made on what is now soil of Brattleboro, by the erection of *' His Majesty's Fort Dummer," as stated in the charter. Twenty-nine years after this settlement, Brattleboro was chartered under George II., and Josiah Willard, Esq., chosen or appointed Moderator of the first town meeting.