Abbreviations found within the Vital Records of Williamstown, Massachusetts

Abbreviations found within the Williamstown, Massachusetts Vital Records


a.- age
abt. about
b. born
ch. child
chn. children
Co. county
C.R. church record, Baptist
d. daughter; died; day
Dea. deacon
dup, duplicate entry
G.R.1. gravestone record, West Cemetery
G.R.2. gravestone record, College Cemetery
G.R.3. gravestone record, East Lawn Cemetery
G.R.4. gravestone record, Oak Hill Burying Ground
G.R.5. gravestone record, Kopper Burying Ground
G.R.6. gravestone record, Comstock Burying Ground
G.R.7. gravestone record, Sweet Burying Ground
G.R.8. gravestone record, South Williamstown Cemetery
h. husband
hrs. hours
inf. infant
int. publishment of intention of marriage
Jr. junior
m. married; month
Prob. probably
rec. recorded
s. son
Sr. senior
w. wife; week
ivid. widow
widr. widower
y. year
1st. first
2d. second
3d. third